From Clearing To Coventry: Divya’s Story

Smiling-waveHi, I’m Divya! I’m about to start my second year in Computer Science at Coventry University. Here’s the story of my journey to Coventry via Clearing.

In my final year of college I had applied to five different universities, and after a few months, I received a conditional offer from my first choice uni. I was really happy that I had received a conditional offer from them, and I was confident I’d meet the offer and secure my place at uni.

Unfortunately, on the day I received my results I discovered I’d missed out by few UCAS points. I called the uni and told them the grade, but they said,

Unfortunately, you haven’t met the conditions so we will not be able to give you a place.”

I was really stressed out and didn’t know what to do. Then after a few minutes, I went on to the UCAS website and clicked on Clearing… I was really nervous and hoping to find a place in the right university. I came across Coventry University and it had space on the course that I wanted to do. So I called them up…

A gentleman picked up the phone. I asked him if they still had space on the course and he said “yes”. Then he asked for my UCAS points. I gave him the UCAS points and he said:

You have successfully secured your place at Coventry University!”

The man on the phone was so polite and helpful, he provided all the information I required. He told me what to do next for government funding, the start date of my course and what to bring on the day.

And just like that I was all set to begin my journey to Coventry University!


Throughout my first year I did some amazing group activities. We built LEGO robots as a part of a project, it was an amazing experience, working with team members. I was also offered a place on the GLP (Global Leaders Programme) and free language course. I was happy to be part of GLP, as they arrange events where CEO’s of well-known companies come and share their experiences on how they reached their position, which I found very inspiring. GLP also has workshops, industry trips and trips abroad that take place once a year.

Going through Clearing was something I never thought I would do and didn’t want to experience, but I had to do. So I’m happy it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. My perception of Clearing has completely changed. I am really glad I went through it and secured my place at Coventry University. I have finished my first year and it has been an amazing experience.

I am proud to be a part of Coventry University!

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This post was written by Divya Chandegara.