5 Top Tips for Preparing to Go Back to Uni

It’s almost that time again, holidays are nearly over and you’ll soon be back at uni! Whether you’ve been travelling, taken a gap year, or are a mature student taking on another degree! Whatever the reason, we’ve listed our 5 top tips on how to prepare for university and we’re here to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Get your head around the structure of your course and make a start on the course material if it has been given to you


If your course tutors have given you reading material, then crack on with this so you have a really good understanding of the course once you start it. This way you won’t fall behind!

2. Keep a budget!


I know people who couldn’t afford to continue at uni because they’d spent their entire loan (and some, bursary) in the first couple of weeks! Make sure you have a budget of how much you will spend on food weekly, have money set aside for your rent and bills, keep an eye on the amount of money you spend on a night out, and have money for special events such as birthdays. Don’t forget to have emergency money on hand in case of well… emergencies!

3. Keep making friends


You might already have friends at uni, but you can never have too many! Social media is a great way to do this as well as joining societies. Making friends at university isn’t as hard as some might think!

4. Make a checklist of everything you need


From your blanket and pyjamas to cutlery, your laptop and washing powder! Make a checklist of everything you need so you’re fully prepared and ready to go!



5. Stay one step ahead of the game!


With the competition for graduate jobs high, you want to stand out – so update your CV and apply for part-time work related to your degree. You could even volunteer, which will look great on your CV to potential employers! Additionally, this will help you to network and build professional contacts!


Many students returning to uni have been asking us questions which we’ve answered below:


What if the work gets too much? I’ve heard second and third year is harder than first year.

Keep on top of the work you do. This isn’t college or sixth form, you won’t be chased for not submitting work. You need to ensure you’re organised, that you attend lectures and hand work in on time. As we mentioned previously, if you already have course material from your lecturer, then start reading it.

If at any point you do feel like you’re falling behind, please don’t panic in silence and not do anything about it. Talk to your lecturer, they are there to help.

How will I find the right buildings for lectures?

Lots of students worry about this, but don’t panic. Most of the buildings you walk past have a campus map so you can go into any building and ask for one, and even ask reception where a specific building is. If you still can’t find the building you’re looking for… use Google Maps!

What if I don’t get along with the people in my halls/house?

Check out our blog on how to ‘How to Live With Other People’, if the tips provided don’t work, you can talk to our Accommodation Team who will do their best to help you.

If you have any other worries or concerns feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help, or point you in the right direction of people who can help.

What things are there to do in Cov other than the obvious restaurants and bars?

There’s lots to do in Coventry. Check out this video where you’ll be able to see some of the things you can do. There’s always lots on at FarGo Village too, from workshops and festivals, to food markets and lots more. Click here to see what’s on between September and October.


Our advice is, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone on hand to help you and we have lots of student support available.