Don’t Throw It All Away – Excel with Integrity at Coventry!

A quick solution can have serious consequences!

Coventry University is one of dozens of institutions across the globe that took part in the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating on Wednesday 18 October.

It is aimed at alerting you to not use the services of organisations who offer to write essays or assignments for a fee.

Coventry will be joining in the cause to raise awareness that contract cheating is wrong and threatens the integrity of higher education institutions worldwide.

Working in collaboration with the Coventry University Students’ Union, professional services and faculties there were multiple activities that took place across campus, to give you the heads up about the damage paying other people could do to your prospects:

“The skills you develop and what you learn during your degree will ensure you are well equipped for your future career or further study”.

Many took part in the “Whiteboard Challenge” on Wednesday, which helped make a pledge against Contract Cheating and informing other students why it is wrong.

Some of you told us that Contract Cheating is wrong because…

  “It’s not fair to other students who work hard on their assignments!”

“I would not trust anyone to do my work!”

“It takes away the hard work other people have done!”



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Along with the “Wheel of Misfortune” (which indicates your potential fate if you were to cheat, created by the Subject Librarians from Lanchester Library), the Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) also supported the day by providing students with more information on how they can support in that all important dissertation writing!

We were also handing out some fancy academic integrity cards (designed by our talented second year Design student Emilia Bryne). The card aims to supports your wellbeing on campus by providing you with direct contact details so that if you have any further questions regarding contract cheating, plagiarism, or how to support your academic integrity then you can phone/email or drop in to speak to a friendly staff member in the Student’s Union.

Contract Cheating 2



You can also log into the Student Portal and see more information about how to excel with integrity!

Want to know more about what happened on the day? Take a look at our Storify!

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