Music to get you through the week #28

Another week is on the way, which also means another gang of new tunes from all different corners of the globe. It’s time to put your feet up, get comfy and, in the words of our hero Will Smith, get jiggy with it…


Xenia Rubinos – Lonely Lover

Much like Adele but on a less grandiose scale, Xenia Rubinos allows you to feel every bit of emotion she croons out. Taken from her sophomore album Black Terry Cat, the lead single Lonely Lover is sombre and expressive affair with mellow mood throughout.


White Lung – Kiss Me When I Bleed

Canada’s White Lung have become one of the more respected punk rock outfits in recent memory, steadily gaining the love of music fans and media alike with blistering tracks and super-tight performances. The blend of Kenneth William’s soaring guitar and Mish Way’s bleak lyrics on Kiss Me When I Bleed is an incredible juxtaposition. We’re sure that when their new album, Paradise, drops on May 6th it’s going to be a real game changer.


TWENTY88 – Selfish

Who and what is TWENTY88 we hear you ask? TWENTY88 is the collaborative project by Big Sean and Jhené Aiko and is the eponymously named album title too. Conjuring 90’s R’n’B with neo-soul and drums, both independently credible artists bring a charming record about relationships and the trials and tribulations of them, of which most can relate.


BOYFRNDZ – Ghosted

This really could be the song that changes everything for BOYFRNDZ. It’s psychedelic rock with bite, pounding, relentless, something you’d expect to hear while watching Bam Margera fall out of a tree… The video is completely insane too, as if The Darkness and Tenacious D watched too much Star Trek together once day. All in all it’s an experience that guarantees the replay button is going to get some serious use.


Leon Vynehall – Blush

Psychedelic visuals to accompany a psychedelic summer anthem. Taken from the album Rojus, Leon Vynehall gives you plenty of time to muse about the sunny (fingers crossed) season ahead with a swooping synth and snare mix to evoke euphoric festival feelings.


DVSN – In + Out

DVSN’s debut album, Sept. 5th, has just been released on Drake’s OVO Sound label and to be honest the thing is packed with so many big tracks that we could’ve easily included any one of them in this post. In + Out is a great introduction to DVSN’s style. It’s mellow, sensual and will stay in your head until September 5th 2018.


Aesop Rock – Blood Sandwich

If you’re unfamiliar with Aesop Rock you might’ve thought we misspelled A$AP Rocky. And while Rocky is top draw, Aesop has been steadily plugging away on the independent rap scene since the early 2000s. Currently on the verge of dropping his seventh studio album, The Impossible Kid, this new music video for Blood Sandwich shows that Aesop’s anthemic, storytelling style is as sharp as ever.

Brought to you by Ryan and Ben.