University in times of COVID-19

Hi, I’m Beth. I have just completed my BSc Geography and Natural Hazards degree at Coventry University.

It’s a strange time to be finishing my academic year and submitting my dissertation from home… for those of you in a similar situation here are my lockdown tips:

Study Tips

It is really hard to stay motivated when not based around a timetable. The best advice I can give is to study little and often. Take breaks in this time and set yourself small, achievable goals. It is also good to know what your study style is. Do you prefer to write everything down on paper? Are cue cards your thing? When you figure out what revision technique has worked for you before, use this again. It will help you absorb information how you like to do it.

After many tried and failed attempts at revising, it is best to stick to what you know and what works for you. A few friends have noticed that they have certain times of the day they work better at. It may be wise to work your routine around this peak time to work.

Life Skills

Definitely one for new students… now is the perfect chance to figure out how to take care of yourself while at university. Get yourself online, find a recipe that you like and learn how to make it. Learn how to make a family favourite dish – this can help to provide some familiar comfort if you’re missing home!

Even things like learning how a washing machine works will really help you when you come to university…these things  may not sound like the most thrilling use of your free time but you will be so grateful having those skills when you land at uni.


This at first may seem a bit self-explanatory. In these unusual times, tensions are much higher and after spending so much time at home we can start to feel cabin fever creeping in. Self-care isn’t always face masks and bath bombs. It might be taking time to shut down in your room and binge on your Netflix and snacks. You may want to call a friend and have a good catch up. Self-care to me is something that you do that makes you calm and fulfilled again. This doesn’t matter if it’s a walk, a podcast, a book, pamper whatever!

Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup and you have to take care of yourself in every way!

Simulation Games

Seems like a daft one, but role play games like the Sims can help with stress and anxiety. Why? Because simulating another life like vicariously living through the Sims is a form of escapism. This means we get a ‘rest’ from our everyday lives and a chance to de-stress. Maybe something to get into now time allows!

Hopefully these provided a few pointers and tips of things to use your time during lockdown and the rest of the summer. It really is best to work to your strengths, that way you will be able to get the most out of your time.

Stay safe!