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BIDA Design School Survey 2015


In a recent poll undertaken by BIDA (the British Industrial Design Association), over 1000 design practitioners were asked to share their experience. BIDA’s question was simple: “Which design schools create the most employable BA, BSc or BDes industrial or product design graduates?”

Respondents selected up to 5 design schools, from a list of the current 70 institutions in the UK. Participants included a good cross section of industry (31% being employers of industrial and product designers, a further 52% are employed as industrial or product designers, 8% freelancing, with 9% academics, students and others).

Coventry University placed 4th with 16% of the vote.

BIDA commented that: “The difference between these institutions and the other 62 was stark [eight institutions shared places in the top 5 – 1st, 3rd and 5th placed tied]. Half were not chosen at all, and a further quarter were selected by only once or twice.”

One of the respondents is quoted as saying: “It appears to us that a few leading design schools are really well connected, delivering excellent coursework and placement programs. The academics at these institutions are experts in developing the skills and know how that helps people succeed in design. Other Universities purport to offer design courses, but in reality most of their graduates leave with a more generalist education. That just isn’t what design employers need. Good candidates and potential employers need to know the difference.”

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