CovID is the official blog of the Industrial Design department at Coventry University’s School of Art & Design.

It exists in order to document the successes and endeavours of our Industrial Design students, staff and alumni.

This blog records departmental activities from December 2013 onwards. Historical posts can still be viewed at cublogs.coventry.ac.uk/covid

Submission Information

Please email material to t.nelson@coventry.ac.uk

In order for our web log to be efficiently populated and updated, articles should (as far as is possible) be submitted ready to post. We ask for three pieces of data only:

1. An article title

2. An article

Please submit an edited, concise and grammatically accurate article of 100 to 200 words. If you are referencing material by another author, please supply a reference in the Coventry University Harvard Reference Style.

3. An accompanying image (or images) and/or a file to be attached

Files can be submitted in any size or format. Images will be posted as jpegs of 640 pixels wide. Attachments may be reformatted and/or compressed.


Please seek the consent of any person(s) featured in a photograph before submitting. Download the Consent Form here.

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The material is factually accurate.

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