My Pad


Over the past year students from Automotive and Transport Design have worked with tutors and staff from the Art Shop (our own specialist in-school shop) to produce new high-quality Coventry University branded bleed-proof paper that is comparable if not superior to stock available from established providers such as Schoellershammer and Letraset.

Students were encouraged to partake in this process by entering a competition for the cover picture. Two student’s renderings were chosen: Mitch Johnson and Nguyen Ho Dac.

The pads are now available in our shop to buy!

SH (TN ed.)

For the Love of Making

Coventry University x Sitting Firm


Steam-bent ash components

Students in their first year of Interior Design were taken on a guided tour of local craft-makers Sitting Firm this month. ID have a mutually-beneficial ongoing relationship with the company – working together on student placements and projects as well as exhibitions and designs for their own furniture collection.

ID Welcomes Patrick W. Jordan


The School is delighted to announce that Patrick W. Jordan has been appointed as Visiting Professor in Industrial Design. Amongst other activities Patrick will be co-supervising a PhD on automotive design with Coventry University. The project, which will be run in conjunction with the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA), looks at people’s psychological reactions to design and at how vehicles can be made more emotionally appealing. Patrick has extensive experience of working in the automotive industry. Clients include Nissan, Volvo and Renault. He has recently supervised a project on the branding of cars and what makes them appealing and also examined a PhD in this area at Delft University.

Teaching + Learning Excellence

Coventry University Teaching and Learning Conference
Teaching and Learning Excellence Awards
26 – 27 June 2014

ID staff  from Automotive and Transport Design were honoured with an award at the recent Teaching and Learning Conference:

Employability: Automotive and Transport Design
(Nick Hull, Brian Clough, Alan Barrett, Elaine Mackie, Aysar Ghassan, Simon Grand, Lawson Swinfield, John Owen, Shaun Hutchinson, Richard Barrett)

“The Auto & Transport Design course is the top course in the world in terms of student prizes won. Not only does graduate employment remain at a very high level, but also requests to present Internationally to the industry and to other educational institutions, together with the industry commissions for live student projects and research by specialist staff, all speak to the close relationship between the course and industry and the high level of employer engagement. Careers advice is integrated throughout the course, leading industry figures visit to give talks to students, impressive placement opportunities are available. The students learn to be global leaders in their field, the success of many alumni evidences the course’s ability to deliver on this agenda to the highest level.”

Clive Hilton (MSc Industrial Product Design / MSc Design and Transport) was nominated for Inspirational Teacher of the Year.


Design x Technology

Second International Multidisciplinary Pressure Cooker Workshop
Coventry University x HAN University
IMG_2962 copy

During an Easter workshop, 30 students from Coventry University and HAN University (whose students travelled to Coventry from The Netherlands) developed concepts for smart life jackets; wearable technology that could save lives.

In a first for both Universities, students of different courses participated in the workshop – Automotive, Transport, Product and Interior Design students worked in groups with Dutch IT Engineers and Communication students.

Grasping the People Mover Challenge

Second year automotive and transport students undertaking the ‘People Mover’ project accompanied by Elaine Mackie, second year tutor, were given an opportunity to present their initial design proposals to the client, Birmingham Airport’s Michelle Thurgood, Transport Specialist.

‘People Mover’ students in front of Diamond House, Birmingham Airport

A Moving Experience

A visit to the Air Rail Link at Birmingham Airport was arranged by Elaine Mackie, second year tutor overseeing the second year automotive and transport students undertaking the People Mover project proposed by Birmingham Airport, which will form a key part of the HS2 Interchange Station development.

Nicholas Warren-Brownhill, Assistant O&M Manager, Doppelmayr Cable car UK Ltd with second year students ‘track side’ of Air Rail Link

Students were shown around the vehicles and facility by Nicholas Warren-Brownhill, Assistant Operations and Maintenance Manager at Doppelmayr Cable Car UK in order to appreciate the design of the carriages and automated system requirements.

Batteries Included

MSc Design and Transport students were treated to a look at Travel De Courcey’s battery electric powered Optare Versa buses on Monday morning this week. Travel company boss Mike De Courcey explained it had been his ambition to be the first UK operator to use the buses fitted with the fast charging technology at the War Memorial Park bus stop. The three buses are being exclusively used for the Park & Ride South to city-centre route. With a maximum range of approx 70 miles on a full charge, these first generation buses manage 9 or more round trips before needing a top-up charge from the fast charging points. The buses are recharged at the end of the day’s operations at the bus depot at Rowley Drive, near Coventry Airport using a trickle charger on-board the vehicles from a 3-phase mains supply.

DSCN1529 - Mike De Courcey explains the technology to MSc Design and Transport students


Design Workshop from Marieke de Vogel with students from Product Design: 10th February 2014


Marieke de Vogel with the third year Product Design students

Marieke de Vogel, Senior Lecturer in Multimedia Design from The HAN University in Holland delivered a ‘pressure cooker’ workshop to our third year Product Design students during a recent trip to the UK. At the moment she is researching adult play with smart designer toys in modern ludic times. The aim of this workshop was to create a playful interactive collaborative experience with the emphasis of developing toy designs. The workshop used padlet (an interactive message wall) and Facebook to support the research, development and evaluation stages of the design process.  The students had to design a ‘blank canvas’ toy with a background story and posted the results to a specially opened Facebook page for this occasion. ‘Bob’ the alien from Daniel Frances had the most likes and vas taken forward for development by the entire group.