Special Visiting Lecture Programme


18/03 Thrill Engineer Brendan Walker
11/03 Simon Donald (DonaldWentworth)
04/03 Will Bentall (Director, LA Design)
25/02 Patrick Verhee (
Design Operations Manager, Ford of Europe Design)
18/02 Tom Rushbrook (Design Director: Innovation, Nike)
04/02 Ian Pogson (Shanghai Automotive)
21/01 Jan Cesar Pieri (Jaguar Land Rover)


10/12 Simon King (Imagination)
26/11 John Tree (Jasper Morrison Ltd.)
19/11 Jeremy Offer (Director, Great Fridays)
12/11 Chris Taylor (Formula E)

19/03 Design for Disassembly Victoria Jackson (Defra)
12/03 Human Interface Design Steve Rogers (User Experience, Google)
05/03 Anton Webb (Director, 2Creatives)
26/03 Northern Sea Route: Opportunities and Challenges Fai Cheng (Lloyd’s Register)
12/02 James Roy (Yacht Design Director, BMT Nigel Gee)
05/02 RINA: What It Is and What It Does Trevor Blakely (CEO of RINA)
29/01 Lifestyle Product Design David Brisbourne (Jaguar Land Rover)


11/12 Professor Patrick Jordan
04/12 Ajay Panchal (First Generation Nissan 350Z Designer)
27/11 Sarah Johnson (SeymourPowell)
20/11 Open Source Toby Melville-Brown
13/11 Motorcycling in the 21st Century: It’s not just about wearing leather & studs! Alex Stedmon
06/11 From Superyachts to Telephones Carsten Astheimer
30/10 Ways of Seeing Donna Verheijden
23/10 Design with Aluminium Dr. David A. Harris + Tom Siddle
06/10 Simon King (Imagination)

20/03 Use of Materials in Product Design David Harris
13/03 The Four Pleasures Professor Patrick Jordan
06/03 The Versatility of R.P. Craig Vickers (Arrk)
27/02 Biomechanics Unveiled Dr. James Shippen (Coventry University)
20/02 Superyacht Hull Design James Roy
13/02 Jonah: CGI For The Future Paul Nicholls (Factory Fifteen)
06/02 Industrial Revolution 2: The 3D Printing Age Philip Hudson (Materialise)
30/01 PDD And The Development Of An Idea Tris Keech (PDD)
23/01 How To Set Up A Business Ben Smith (HipLock)
16/01 The Fun Of Being A Toy Designer Design By Touch


12/12 JLR Design Enabling Technologies Anthony Shepherd (Jaguar Land Rover)
05/12 Next Generation Vessels Dr. Fai Cheng
28/11 The Performativity of Matter Zoe Laughlin (Institute of Making)
21/11 Sustainable Design Jonathan Chapman (University of Brighton)
14/11 Integrated Transport in Medellin Peter Atkinson (Coventry University)
07/11 Modelling and Visualisation Aston Martin
31/10 Research, Development and Design Chris Johnson (Coventry University)
24/10 Simon King (Imagination, London)
17/10 Paris Motor Show Trends Nick Hull (Coventry University)

02/05 ‘Show and Tell’ Lee Twycross (1HQ)
04/04 ‘How I Got to be Where I Am Today’ Kathleen Hills (Central Saint Martins)
28/03 ‘Latest Trends from Geneva Auto Show’ Nick Hull (CU)
21/03 ‘Housing on a Bridge: A Look at Interior Design’ Bob Verheijden (CU)
14/03 ‘Automotive History: Some Racey Bits’ Shaun Hutchinson (CU)
07/03 ‘Planes, Trains and People Carriers’ Will Jarman (Parry People Movers)
29/02 ‘Design Led Futures’ Martyn Evans (Lancaster University)
22/02 Will Bentall (London Associates Product Design Consultants)
15/02 Adam Gompertz (Rolls Royce)
08/02 ‘Development and Design of the Benaro PB5′ Chris Johnson (CU)
01/02 ‘Renewable Energy’ Peter White (CU) / ‘Life after Graduation’ Louise McCallum (Umeå Institute of Design)
25/01 Simon King (Imagination)


14/12 Jeremy Waterman (Lead Designer, Land Rover Evoque)
07/12 Jamie Taylor (Modelling Manager, Aston Martin)
23/11 Chris Woodward (Product Consultant, CWD)
16/11 ‘Design in the Corporate Environment’ Leslie Wynn
09/11 Sam Hagger (Product Designer, DKB Household UK ltd.)
02/11 ‘Superyacht Hull Design’ James Roy

08/06 David Keech (Norman Foster, Yamaha, Keechdesign)
18/05 ‘Bringing Ideas to Life’ Michael Webster (Associate Director, SeymourPowell)


12/05 ‘Shanghai Motor Show: Design Trends’ Nick Hull
28/04 ‘Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2010′ Peter Barker
21/04 ‘Graduate Opportunities in Marine Design’ Trevor Blakely (CEO, Royal Institute of Naval Architects)
17/03 ‘Will Jarman – Getting In The Way!’ Will Jarman (Air Atlantique, Parry People Movers)
10/03Ilsa Parry (Winner of Philippe Starck’s ‘Design For Life’ TV series) + ‘Young Designer Award Introduction’ Luke Parsons (Agentdraw)
10/02 ‘A torque on a moving subject’ Dr. James Shippen
03/02 ‘Design Insights Symposium’ Kat Gough (Nokia Research Team), Duncan Fitzsimmons (James Dyson Innovations Fellow) and Dr Beverly Norris (National Patient Safety Agency)
27/01 ‘Go Virtual: Design and Visualization of Materials and Textures’ [Car Design News Webinar]
20/01 Richard Shaw (Chief Designer, Advanced Design, GM Europe) and Simon Ewart (Manager, Consumer Communications, GM UK)
13/01 Scott Thompson (Business Manager, Lotus Cars)


02/12 ‘It All Started Here’ David Brisbourne
26/11 Adam Hatton (Exterior Design Manager, Jaguar Cars) and Mark Phillips (Interior Design Manager, Jaguar Cars)
25/11 Dave Richards (Chairman, Prodrive and CEO Aston Martin)
18/11 ‘Automotive Nitty Gritties’ Lee Hall
11/11 ‘Car Design Glossary’ David Browne [As published in Car Design News]
04/11 ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’ David Browne [Film screening and discussion]
28/10 ‘50 Years of the Mini’ Peter Barker
21/10 ‘Are You What You Drive?’ David Browne
04/10 ‘Jaguar 2040′ David Browne [Project film screening]