International Journal of Public Health
A special issue will feature 15 manuscripts by SWHIN members (publication in 2016); this special issue also will be published as a book.


Tackling Health Inequalities Through Social Work: Analysis, Advocacy and Action by Paul Bywaters

The Human Rights Perspective in Health Social Work by Vimla Nadkarni

Using Life Course Epidemiology to Inform Social Work Research & Practice by Stephen Rose

Tackling Health Inequalities through Social Work by Lindsey Napier and Lesley Laing

At the heart of HIV/AIDS lies the politics of race, gender, sex, power, death and money. HIV is … just a virus … a metaphor … a human disaster by Vishanthie Sewpaul

Taking action on LGBT health and social care inequalities by Julie Fish

Serving Sexual Minority Youth in Evidence- Informed Strengths – Based Groups: A New Model for a New Generation – Shelley L Craig.

Positioning LGBT Social Work in Italy, Andrea Nagy

Health Inequalities & Equity: Mental Health & Disability, Social Work and Health Inequalities Network

Tackling inequalities in access to social capital: introducing the connecting people intervention, Dr Martin Webber

Health Inequalities & Equity: developing the social work curriculum: promoting health inequalities within social work education, practice and research Social Work and Health Inequalities Network

Health Inequalities – developing a global curriculum, Julie Fish & Kate Karban


Social Work and Global Health Inequalities: Policy and Practice Developments (2009), P. Bywaters, E. McLeod and L. Napier (eds.), Bristol: Policy Press.
This new edited book written primarily by Network members is a major new international text analysing the role that social work can contribute to understanding and tackling global health inequalities.

LGBT Health Inequalities: International Perspectives in Social Work, Fish, J. and Karban, K. (eds.), (Forthcoming), Policy Press.
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