Ucas extra

UCAS Extra: What you need to know

Have you made your 5 selections for universities but not secured any offers? Or have you declined all the offers you’ve been made? Then this guide is for you!

UCAS Extra is a service offered by UCAS to applicants that have paid the full fee, which runs from the 25th February through until the 2nd July. If you’re eligible to apply via UCAS Extra, the option will show up as you log-in to UCAS. Remember, if you applied to less than 5 universities and have not been successful, you can still add more choices via UCAS Track.

What can UCAS Extra do?

The UCAS Extra service means that if you haven’t been offered a place or decided to decline all of your offers, you have more options than just waiting for clearing.  By using UCAS Extra you can find all of the courses that still have places available for September. You can browse by subject, or search for specific course titles via the UCAS website. You can even sign up to the UCAS Media Mailing List for updates about the universities and colleges that still have places left.

Things to consider:

Did you choose the right course?
If you applied for the same course at each University and your grades matched their criteria, but you still didn’t get offered a place, you have to ask yourself whether this really was the right course for you. Think of this as an opportunity to reflect on what you might want from University, and your future career. If you’re still sure that you made the right course choice the first time around, then look for courses that cover similar content but have slightly different names.

Do you have the right qualifications?
If you’ve found your dream course but didn’t have the right qualifications,  find out if there are any foundation courses on offer. These can help you achieve the qualifications you need, so you can apply to the course of your dreams next year. If you’re really passionate about something, then taking an extra year to perfect your skills and increase your knowledge should be seen as a bonus rather than a set back.


Your career is worth a phone call:

It’s always worth contacting the University or College directly, to see if they have any places available. Start with their admissions team, if they confirm that there is space on your course then drop the course director an e-mail. Make yourself known to them, they’ll be able to tell you, honestly, if they think the course is suited to what you want to do. Coventry University’s admissions line is 024 7765 2222.

So now we’ve covered the basics, if UCAS Extra is an option for you, go for it! Whilst the deadline for applications isn’t until the 2nd of July, course places will fill up throughout this time, so it’s definitely best to make enquiries early and apply as soon as you’re ready.

Good Luck!