Global leaders

Why YOU should join the GLP

unCOVered interviewed four students about their experiences with the GLP. In the final of four articles the team discuss why YOU should join the next Global Leaders Programme.

Celine Ke Haung is from China, currently studying Accounting and Financial Management. She began attending GLP events in December 2014.

Liz Drake is from the UK. She is completing a Masters in Communication, Culture and Media. Liz has been attending GLP events since September 2014.

Maria Ximena Weiss Maldonado is from Columbia. She completed her MSc in Oil and Gas Management last year and attended the GLP events throughout 2014.

Ha Thu Nguyen is from Vietnam. She completed a Masters in Advertising and Marketing this year and attended the GLP throughout 2014.

Who should do the GLP?

Liz: I would absolutely recommend the GLP to all students. The skills that are learned are relevant to all professions in all cultures. As the name suggests, the events are structured to provide students with the skills to become Global Leaders of the future.

Celine: I would recommend the GLP to other Chinese students like myself. You can gain knowledge on communication skills, cultural awareness and business. I think that some Chinese students lack the confidence to talk to others. The GLP allows them to discuss a topic that everyone is familiar with – so they will gain more confidence in speaking.

Maria: I would definitely recommend the GLP to other students, due to the great range of activities they offer and how experienced the lecturers are. There is also potential for students to learn new skills, not just academic ones.

Ha: I would recommend the program to other BES students. I think business students may even benefit more because they will be interested in the Global Enterprise workshops. These help students think and behave more entrepreneurially, whether they go on to run their own business or work for other organisations.

What would you say to students considering applying this year?

Maria: Joining the GLP could be one of the best decisions you make in your lifetime. I believe that the GLP is a great opportunity to improve your general global awareness, which is necessary when building relations with people with different backgrounds, cultures and religions.

Celine: The GLP makes you stand out. Every event can benefit your studies and your personal capability. They help you keep calm when you face something difficult and let you know how to deal with it. Also, the GLP helps you be more confident in group discussions through workshops. You feel free to state your thoughts.

Ha: The GLP is truly beneficial to you no matter what course you are doing, it will help you become a motivated and distinctive individual.

Liz: It’s a MUST!