5 courses you didn’t know you could study at CU

When making the important decision of what to study at university, it can feel like your options are limited. But in reality, there are a wide range of degrees available here at Coventry, which offer so much in terms of study and future career prospects.

Motorsport Engineering BEngMotorsport_Engineering_H335_H

Coventry is renowned for it’s contribution to the automotive industry, which many people know. However, it is too to the Motorsporting world, both on two wheels and four. With close links to some of the most iconic and reputable companies in the world including Red Bull Racing, Lotus Cars and Triumph Motorcycles, undergraduates get the opportunity to make those ever essential industry connections early on, as well as clear direction on application of their skills. Access to state-of-the-art facilities including a new wind tunnel, a new CNC machining centre, a new engine test cell and a full-size shaker rig mean a array of proficiencies a student can add to a skills based CV even before leaving university. Graduates have gone on to work for Aston Martin, McLaren, NP Aerospace, BMW and F1 team Marussia in many different specialities.

International Law LLBinternational_business_law_llm1

International Law, a course of great prestigiousness, aims to equip you with an understanding and appreciation of the legal issues that arise in our globalised world. Opportunities to volunteer in employment law clinics and mock courts give those studying the chance to see exactly how their desired profession works in the real world, and also applies to international business. International Law also sees many guest lecturers come in with extensive and highly acknowledgeable experience in their specific fields. As with all law courses, students learn about Contract Law, Tort Law, Criminal Law, Law of the European Union, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Property Law, and Equity and Trusts, as well as the English Legal System. Graduates of the degree have gone on to be solicitors, barristers and other senior legal positions and some have gone onto work for the UN.

Disaster Management and Emergency Planning BScDisaster-Management_NH22_H

Disaster and Management and Emergency Planning is an immeasurably interesting course, and one that immediately puts theory into practice. Students learn how to deal with a diverse range of disasters, including appropriate responses to civil emergencies (e.g. Hillsborough), to technological incidents (e.g. oil spills), to transport incidents (e.g. plane crashes) to natural disasters (e.g earthquakes) and subsequent humanitarian responses. National and international travel is a probability for the future career, but also a necessity during the study. This includes fire and rescue teachings across England to mountain rescue training, search and rescue training and survival techniques in Wales (watch out Bear Grylls). Recent graduate Luke Fletcher spoke of his unique and valuable opportunities in trips to Taiwan and Italy, whereby students were there to assess the countries’ disaster preparedness and response measures. He has already secured a job as an Emergency Response and Crisis Management Advisor where he can choose to work in either Scotland, New Zealand or Dubai (UAE).

Human Biosciences BScHuman_Biosciences_C110_H

Human Biosciences is a rapidly changing, imperatively important and dynamic area of modern science. Study allows for hands-on experience of a wide range of practical techniques such as gene amplification using PCR, cell culture, flow cytometry, tissue staining, protein detection and bacterial growth, in modern, well equipped laboratories. The degree is recognised by the Royal Society of Biology, which fulfils the educational requirements for Associate Membership (AMSB) of the Society. Research into human health and diseases is key to our survival and graduates of the course can play a key part in our ability to survive. Graduates go onto work for drug companies and running clinic trials, working in laboratories and in to research which could eventually save lives across the world. A chance to make a real impact on our society and future.

Aviation Management BScAviation_Management-_HG67_H

Brexit aside, our planet really is now more global than ever. One of the main reasons for this has been because of air travel. The aviation management course is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge required in the dynamic world of airport and airline business operations. This involves exploring the areas of air transport, airline terminal functions, and logistics operations and gaining knowledge and practical skills in dealing with effective management of aviation. Placement opportunities for Coventry students have included Birmingham Airport, Airbus, Lufthansa, TUI Travel, and many more. The course is formally accredited as meeting the educational requirements for chartered membership of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).