My Cov Life Highlights

Hi! My name’s Kyle and I’ve JUST finished my Journalism degree at Coventry University! I’ve been studying at Coventry for three years and in that time I’ve experienced everything the University has to offer…

The lecturers
Putting the hours in!

One of the best things about my course is that my lecturers are engaging and genuinely passionate about what they teach. It really helps to know that you’re being taught by people that have successful professional backgrounds in the field you’re studying. Talking to them has really expanded my view of my course and given me all the support I need to work on my own projects.

The media loan shop

Being a media student I get access to our media loan shop. It’s basically a shop in the media department that you can borrow equipment from. Cameras, audio equipment, tripods it’s got it all, plus it’s free! Well… until you break something… don’t do that. But as long as you’re careful you won’t have a problem! It’s been essential during my course as it’s given me access to equipment I can’t afford… I am a student after all. All of my money is going on videogames and amazon orders study essentials, food and responsible things, definitely not expensive frivolous purchases…

Getting involved
Me at Hogwarts

One of the best things about studying at Coventry is that there’s always something to get involved with… or something to get roped into being involved with!

I’ve been part of:

  • A Facebook live stream talking about my faculty
  • I’ve helped out on loads of media projects
  • I’ve been one of the editors of the student newspaper
  • I’ve wrestled bears and crocodiles simultaneously with my hands behind my back
  • I’ve been on a students’ union trip to the Harry Potter studio tour
  • And right now I’m helping to set up a journalism conference here at the University.

I’ve done a lot of definitely true activities, (OK I didn’t do the wrestling, but everything else is true!). That’s just a brief overview of what I’ve done while I’ve been here too! Uni has always kept me busy and always challenged me to see what I can do next.

The Hogwarts student exchange programme at Coventry really is excellent…

Fun in societies

Outside of my course and the University benefits, there’s a lot to like about studying in Coventry.

There’re tons of societies on offer: everything from Football to Medieval re-enactment! I personally have been part of the Gaming, Pokémon and Source Radio societies. The Pokémon society was my favourite though, it’s full of great friendly people who are all passionate about Pokémon! What could be better? Literally nothing, at all.

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