Keeping Yourself Motivated During Christmas

We know how difficult it can be staying focussed at uni, especially with Christmas and the new year coming up when you just want to be at home with family and friends. Some students tend to go home at Christmas never to return! But think about the long-term effects of you not returning, no degree which means not the job you hoped for. So many students who drop out get stuck doing jobs they don’t necessarily like, and this is something you’ll be doing until you retire.

So, we’ve come up with 5 tips to keep you motivated.

Create study plans for yourself

Looking at your entire term timetable can be overwhelming, so cut this down into sections. Look at deadlines and give yourself plenty of realistic time to complete coursework as well as revision time for exams.

Do all of your reading


Loads of students find Moodle helpful, in that they read the notes prior to lectures and then understand what the lecturer is telling them. Do the same and get ahead of your peers!

Ask for help

Many students struggle but find it hard to ask for help. Ask your tutor or lecturers for help where needed, they’re there to assist you.

Form a study group

Study groups can be a brilliant tool at university, they allow you to consolidate your understanding and learning and fill in any gaps, share ideas and open your mind to points you may not have considered. Another great thing about study groups is you can make new friends and 9am lectures won’t seem so bad with friends by your side!



This is the most important of all! You need time to de-stress, wind down and relax. How can you be expected to spend every waking moment studying and worrying? Use these Christmas holidays as a time to relax, read a book you love, take a walk and watch some of your favourite programmes.

We’re here to give you academic support if needed. Keep yourself motivated and you will go far within your career.