My journey as an International student – Ebiakpo Shantel Olodiama

Ebiankpo Shantel Olodiam (2)


My name is Ebiakpo Shantel Olodiama, an Msc. student of International Human Resource Management. I started my programme at Coventry University in September 2019, and over my stay I have learned and grown more than I taught possible. Considering that my course is completely different from my first degree I am doing quite well.

Going through this programme has been really interesting, enlightening and engaging; it has taught me how to be me. I have improved greatly in my critical thinking, communication and reading skills. I have seen that my ability to write and express my ideas, thoughts and knowledge has grown tremendously. Previously, I couldn’t formulate my own ideas in my research work but, now I’m able to do that and support them with the works of others. Studying for my exams and coursework and writing them has helped me develop my skills.

Another exciting yet challenging part was reflecting writing. When I first came across the module on reflective writing, I was astonished because I had never done such in academic writing not to mention as a whole module. Upon understanding the requirements of the module, I realised how interesting it was and it became a work over. My lecturers also took out time to hold catch up classes for students who resumed late which was of great assistance to me.

I love how my course modules are relatable to real life professional situations which I believe will serve as a positive catalyst in developing my thriving career path as a Human Resource Manager/consultant in the corporate, governmental and non-governmental sectors globally. I have also learned the extreme importance of Human resource management in every organisation across the globe.

Some of my favourite part of the university would be the library facilities, academic support system and my lecturers. I love how my lecturers are always willing to help and ensure that students are doing well. The academic support sessions are really supportive and assessable; such as reflective writing, reading skills, referencing, etc.

I chose Coventry University for my study to avail myself the opportunity to obtain an international degree from a university ranked as 13th top modern university in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2019. I also can benefit from the diversity of students enrolled in the course, and exploit the opportunity of meeting and learning from students from diverse cultural background. I got to know about the university from an education agent and university representative in Nigeria called Marg education.

My advice to Nigerians coming to Coventry would be to resume early as late resumption disorganises a person. I resumed quite late, lectures were already ongoing for about 3 weeks and it was a struggle trying to cope with my new course, the change of environment, weather and getting an apartment. Considering that an early resumption, probably before or at the said resumption date would have made me settle faster and flow with my modules better. I would also advise not to bring everything you need from home as you will find everything you need in the UK. Coventry is an African friendly place which has virtually everything you could think of. However, it is expedient to travel with stuff that could be way more expensive in the UK.

Attend school events and social events. Travel around Europe and take advantage of university tours. Never think you don’t have time!