A Moving Experience

A visit to the Air Rail Link at Birmingham Airport was arranged by Elaine Mackie, second year tutor overseeing the second year automotive and transport students undertaking the People Mover project proposed by Birmingham Airport, which will form a key part of the HS2 Interchange Station development.

Nicholas Warren-Brownhill, Assistant O&M Manager, Doppelmayr Cable car UK Ltd with second year students ‘track side’ of Air Rail Link

Students were shown around the vehicles and facility by Nicholas Warren-Brownhill, Assistant Operations and Maintenance Manager at Doppelmayr Cable Car UK in order to appreciate the design of the carriages and automated system requirements.

Batteries Included

MSc Design and Transport students were treated to a look at Travel De Courcey’s battery electric powered Optare Versa buses on Monday morning this week. Travel company boss Mike De Courcey explained it had been his ambition to be the first UK operator to use the buses fitted with the fast charging technology at the War Memorial Park bus stop. The three buses are being exclusively used for the Park & Ride South to city-centre route. With a maximum range of approx 70 miles on a full charge, these first generation buses manage 9 or more round trips before needing a top-up charge from the fast charging points. The buses are recharged at the end of the day’s operations at the bus depot at Rowley Drive, near Coventry Airport using a trickle charger on-board the vehicles from a 3-phase mains supply.

DSCN1529 - Mike De Courcey explains the technology to MSc Design and Transport students