Music to get you through the week #19

Monday’s upon us, so it’s time to get the headphones out, turn up the volume on your desktop speaker or get that old boom-box out – whatever will get you motivated for the working week ahead!

You might have a summer task to complete, a job to go to or just people to see, but you’ll still need the motivation to get it done! So here’s the tracks that we turn to when we need that push…
Coffee for the ears if you like!

#Monday Motivation

Pumped Up Kicks – Jayden Smith (Cover)

With the revival of one of the most talked about TV shows ever, it only seems fair to start the week off with a tenuous Fresh Prince of Bel Air link. Jayden Smith’s best known for his acting abilities, however he’s also ventured into the music industry, philosophical thinkersRus (check his Twitter feed) and even the world of fashion. We think he should maybe stick to the singing and acting bit though. Here’s one of his earlier releases, a cover of an already brilliant song and one you should already know – Pumped Up Kicks.

“Everybody want kicks like me yup
Everybody want chicks like me uh huh
Everybody want flicks like me what?
Everybody tryna get like me”

#Tuesday To Get Started

Your disco needs you – Giorgio Moroder ft Kylie 

We’ve all done it, you’re sat there on Sunday talking yourself into the biggest week of your life….and you flop it on Monday because you wake up way too tired to do anything productive! It’s ok, Tuesday is another day and it’s time to get started, for real this time! Forget how much of a write-off yesterday was, throw back the curtains and make sure today’s the day you start whatever it is you meant to yesterday!

“Staring in your eyes, I see the sunrise
There’s nowhere else but right here, right now
No deeper feeling, this is the real thing
There’s nowhere else but right here, right now”

#Wednesday Wilt

Can’t feel my face – The Weeknd

This catchy track will have you dancing down the corridor midway through the week. Just when you’re at your weakest this song will pick you back up. Reminding you of a time of fun and frolics… the weekend seems ages ago doesn’t it! Well The Weeknd’s done a great job here to make the midweek blues just disappear.

“She told me, “Don’t worry about it.”
She told me, “Don’t worry no more.”
We both knew we can’t go without it
She told me you’ll never be alone-oh-oh, whoa

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you
But I love it, but I love it, oh
I can’t feel my face when I’m with you
But I love it, but I love it, oh”

#Thursday Turn Around

Express Yourself – Labrinth 

Although not normally the frontman, Labrinth came out of his shell for this energetic, lively track. He’s all up in the video, laughing and messing about – the whole thing just screams fun and enjoyment! This twist on an old classic even references some of the old family favourites like the Simpsons and of course… The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

“Hey, lose my shirt and tie
There ain’t nothing too high
Show them what you got, whoa
It’s nothing wrong with perfect and perfect
Now it’s your time to shine
Express yourself, click your fingers now
Express yourself, come on,

See it’s not what you look like, when you doing what you doing
Express yourself, whoa do it”

#Friday Finally

King – Years & Years 

It’s finally here, Friday is upon us and it’s about time we celebrate all the good in the world…like the upcoming weekend, that’s a good start! This track from Years & Years will pick you up if you’re down and make that weekend feel even better. Just make sure you enjoy as much of the next three days as you can because Monday comes around pretty quickly!

“Cut cover, take that test
Hold courage to your chest
Don’t want to wait for you
Don’t want to have to lose
All that I compromised to feel another high
I’ve got to keep it down tonight

And oh oh oh, I was a king under your control
And oh oh oh, I want to feel like you’ve let me go”

 #Saturday Scenario

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynne  

You can pretty much guess this song’s going to carry a strong motivational moral, and it does. Miss. Glynne belts out a fantastic track that’ll have you bouncing around on your sofa before you go out! Whether you’re a hair brush howler or shower screecher this will sound brilliant wherever you sing it, as long as it you sing quietly enough for her to drown you out.

“Let’s go back to simplicity
I feel like I’ve been missing me
Was not who I’m supposed to be
I felt this darkness over me
We all get there eventually
I never knew where I belonged
But I was right and you were wrong
Been telling myself all along”

#Sunday Seclusion

 The Giver – Duke Dumont 

Like they say, giving is always better than receiving, and Duke Dumont’s The Giver is definitely a gift to behold. On a lazy Sunday when the week’s done with and you’re enjoying putting your feet up, this track will remind you of all the good times you had over the past two days!

“Although my heart is closed, my eyes are opened wide
Looking for that magic song to keep me warm inside
I’ve been so long alone, a wall around my heart
Waiting for that someone
I’ve been knocked down and out time and time again
So many fools in love who only bring the pain
So many times I thought I’d always be alone
But you’re that special someone, someone”